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  • Just a quick suggestion

    With guild cooldown, would it be possible to turn it into multiple people spending balens. Be good for R2 since more mids would keep buying, and you wouldn't need one big balenor anymore. Honestly who can afford cooldown by themselves after guild level 8. If all members of the guild could put balens into the cooldown, R2 would get the balens they want for it, and more players would have to recharge, do to spending their lower amounts of balens to cooldown faster. Just a thought, but it is worth asking about.

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    I don't like how everything requires the use of Balens in this game, but your post makes sense.
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      This has been suggested numerous times. Gotta admit, it makes sense - as well as this keeping the desired spending motif agoin'.


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        I thought (once upon a time) that if people donated Balens to the Guild, it could be used for cooldowns. To me, this would make more sense (rather than simply buying out the CD time) and justify actually contibuting Balens to the Guild - let me see, 50 Balens = 10 contribution OR 50 Balens in Gold Alchemy (for me at this point 72K old) = 72 contribution. I'll throw my Balens into Gold as need be.
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          I'd like to see it but if the donation to the guild is part of it, there needs to be a big change in the way balens are calculated just as Rex said.

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