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Crit in Delphic based on luck

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  • Jinpabelona
    started a topic Crit in Delphic based on luck

    Crit in Delphic based on luck

    Even if you're critical stat is 3k+ , you still get 1 to none critical for Delphic sniper.

    Even used a Crit Scroll hoping to raise the critical chance, but lol, still "0" crit on Delphic Sniper on WB. I don't get it.

    I'm level 68, I can only count a few crits during WB that were made by my archer, if you're gonna say its like 24 out of 1000 hits using Delphic Sniper.

    yeah!! my knight has 1k crit. checked my thread introduce your character... The critical chance is still near to 0%.. I hope the new patch fix it.. ^_^
    The new server patch is cool... Dont stop playing wartune!!! ^_^ I Love the new patch for wartune!! ^_^ For more info try to look this link!!

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