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    Originally posted by akirayama0ka View Post
    was 25%, i dunno where ppl get so much matk, i have all 5 gems matk, 8 lvl gs int, on equip only 2 pieces dont have int boost n matk, my matk astral lvl 5 too, only 1 way what i see for imporove my matk its do leg 50 jewels to +27 (but its around +500 matk)
    Check your refines. Try to have MAtk and Int on each piece. Ideally if you can shoot for Int+Matk+Def as 3 of the 5.


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      lol... if ur a tank... and u havent found the trick behind it... LOL damn im very disapointed in you... big deal his br is 57k means he/s probably level 68 or higher... if u still havent figured out how to counter a mage.. u shouldnt talk here.. or spend alot of belends and raise your mdef..

      i dont know what to say to u but...LOL

      im not talking anymore... im alittle disapointed LOL


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        problem with Will Destroyer is that it has no effect on your heals, it will only boost your attacks. So eventually Crit can have a better effect in the long run, but in the short term you can use Will Destroyer.


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          Damn guys they increased crit rate its true, after patch i stability do 6/10 crits (only with 1/1k crit), n its awesome, a lots of mages already changed build)
          class balance ****
          cash - noncah balance ****

          so game ****? - ye

          dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!