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    The same way you guys made the Battleground, meaning in levels, lvl 30s,40s whatever. Why not do the same for world boss? like seriously, its annoying that the people who spend money on balens are always getting the best, why not make it onto lvls so that the normal people can get top 10s too?

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    I love this idea have 20-29 39-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-80 That would be perfect it does suck its same 3 people everyday on my server very annoying feels like every day I am more and more behind. it makes it so you can never catch up in a way. another fix might be have it cross servers so you randomly get paired with different people each time.


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      Don't really need it as much now with the inspiration bonus. The lowbies get more gold/daru per wb now than if they had their own bracket wb. Every 500k damage the top player does everyone gets a 500 point bonus to their attack. This effect is cumulative. At 5M damage this bonus is a 10k bonus and yes I've seen a 10k bonus. One wb I had 29k patk before it was over.

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        Do you mean you want the game to have a different room of WB upon on level?

        If you said that then: The high level sharing money and daru was a little amount because their attack was so powerful. While the low level sharing money and daru musch more cause they deal small amounts of damage.
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