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    Personally speaking; I have never used Alchemy attempts 20 times for either Gold or Daru, the cost does not appear to be worth it. So I suggest instead of having this as a bonus in VIP (Cause it's not) have increase summoner attempts. That person can summon it an extra 10 times or 20 times. Just increase it.

    Simple and easy and should help benefit those who have reached a higher VIP level.

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    Summoner attempts?

    Are you talking about The Summoner in MP Dungeons? The one that costs keys? I don't recall there being a limit to them beyond the 3 runs limit that you have for MP Dungeon rewards (you can do the Summoner as many times as you want, but you can only get rewards three times as per MP Dungeon limitations).
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      From what I've heard it's limited to 5 attempts per run in 1.5 Patch.. if this is the case then we need more summoner attempts


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        This is actually a good idea, able to buy more summoner attempts, maybe 3-5 more for 50 balens, or an ideal price that isn't tearing more holes into people's wallets.
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          It is 5 attempts per run now, 15 per day.

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