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Balens & free servers??

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    Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
    Does your local supermarket do free food for you if you can't pay? Does your gas/electric supplier do free utilities for you if you can't pay? What about your landlord? or your internet provider? Why do you expect R2 to not follow their example?
    yeah...and there are agencies that offer free food, drinks, internet, or whatever give .....or have you investments

    the question was of it possible for a free server or not?no balens and no vip...

    i dont wanne a discution about, I asked if it was possible for exceptions for free server
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      Originally posted by R24971055 View Post
      ok i understand free servers

      I wanne pay for balens buth i cant anymore, this is a very fine game, this is the last what some people have....
      some or very sick, poor, or other reasons why they cant pay....
      you can always make that you can do gifts (balens, skills, gems, .....) to other players of youre own guild or others players
      maybe is that fair buth a thaught that a free server 1 of 10000000000 possible solutions was... offcourse noth .... its to expensive

      think here many players they are that buy balens and vip??? can you make an addition? they miljonairs....
      When we break it down though, the game is for entertainment for those of us who play it. It's not something that is necessary in life, so being sick, poor or not being able to pay is not pertinent to the discussion; and how poor are you if you can afford a computer and internet? Obviously you have some money to spare for some things that are superfluous in life.

      Gifting would be nice, but at this point is too abusable according to most people, though I think that the Zynga system might work - where you can gift to friends, but minor things (potions, scrolls, whatever) with limitations on the number of times per day and number of people you can gift to. As well, certain items can only be gifted after you reach a certain level, and should only be gifted to people of similar level.
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        Then the answer is yes. Of course they could do it.

        Will they? highly doubtful.
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          no u dont need server like that bicase all baleners will stop using balens and play free so imagane that