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    1. All players ( Cashiers or Free Players) should have the chance getting a mount in events without the need of balens. This will be fair for all.. why?

    shop mounts - cashiers only
    event mounts - majority cashiers
    free mounts - cashiers and free players
    free players are only relying on the free events rewards they can get.. especially if you will add more mounts in shop and event mounts. even with only + 10 to stats if the quantity is more, another huge gap for cashiers and free players.

    2. events that give a rewards of crypt key or socketing rods.

    3. events that increase drop rate (x2) in doing multiplayer dungeons and campaigns like the x2 exp since you limit the x to do summoner everyday in 1.5 patch.

    4. add new items in shop available for vouchers not only runes..

    5. make the lvl 5 and 6 gem scroll available for vouchers. let 7 and 8 to be balens.

    6. make alteast 3 slots in astral available for vouchers.

    7. add seeds in farm available for vouchers.

    make this all happen, this game will be attract more players.

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    8. limit the honor loss for players (crusader to lord divine rank) in bg everyday if killed.


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      I am not a heavy casher, but the this game (WARTUNE) is just all about money. That how game these day is...
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