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Game Over :) roflcopter

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  • Game Over :) roflcopter

    Ok i must thank R2 games for the 6 weeks ived played for 60$,Im Guild Leader of a 90 active or so guild,and this morning i log on to mass chaos and everybody freaking out and basically quitting,and i shall join them,this is beyond insanity ..... i realize the point is to make money,but i did a bit of math and short of paying 1000$ im basically screwed and cant compete anymore,basically the world chat is going nuts with people talking about quitting,we laughed,we cried,we pwned,and now we died ..... Good Game To All And To All A Good Night b(^^)d

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    all the best to you mate!


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      I would say that there would be more players that may or may not post the same type of thread, but share the same sentiment...... and its a shame to see players leaving but I understand why... and honestly, I can not blame them for walking


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        cause the devs are a bunch of greedy ♥♥♥♥ and for every1 that says the english version should be more exspensive than the chinese version then why is the german version just as cheap as the chinese version o yeah thats right cause maybe they want there game to succeed its called demon slayer of none of you belive me go have a look
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          cheap english version: ******** . patch 1.2 or something but more fun to play. switched for it just because of the greed of r2


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            huhu, sayonara buddy T__T

            Btw this thread will be closed,,... becouse u make me sad.. TY


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              i tried it (the 1 dking said) and its true lol, prices are 1/5 of what u find in wartune, the only stuff more expensive i saw are the wings and the mounts, the rest is pretty cheap.

              rods cost 50 balens, crypt keys 17, lv2 gems 20 and so on lol, made the math and for the same money u get 13 crypt keys in wartune, u can get 20 in there.


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                yes, good bye Wartune

                I must pay even for pve actions. The bosses in demon are now equipped with crit hits so I would need to pay for extra clothes and mounts to grab back my performance.
                I have spent a good money on this game but from now its a robbery.

                I will end when my VIP ends and this is 8th march


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                  Guys the clothes you only need lvl 1... you will get fashion cores to level them on the spire...check synthesis, thats the thing with only 1 part implemented.
                  They want to give cashers the uperhand, then release spire so we all can lvl clothes without balening. Its a common practice, sae taht happened with keys and rods


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                    too late for me. Professional service must be done professionally. They just try to force us to pay as hell without telling us that we do not need to do so much.
                    Normal company would introduce everything in one package in one time.
                    I do not care anymore how easy life wil I have in some "future".