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    The maintenance crash i cannot enter campaign i dont see attribute for equipement item(socket physiqual attack enchanting to... etc) epic fail lag maintenance sorry for the builder

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    Dam THAT suck heavy enable to doing all thing i want to do (plunder city plunder quarry enter dungeon fight another player im spending 150$can yesterday for more and im frustrated heavy fts please fix that problemzzz!!!!!!!!


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      First, relax. So much of your post is misspelled, it makes it hard to understand what you have written.

      Second, clear EVERYTHING related to your browser: cache, cookies, old Flash data and whatever else CCleaner has a toggle for.


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        slow down.... much of the issues are on players computers and can mostly be resolved with things like clearing the cache and cookies, restarting browsers, even changing browser... so how about trying those things and seeing if they make a difference
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