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Clothing for Archers Needs Improvement

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  • Clothing for Archers Needs Improvement

    Okay, so I wasn't exactly ecstatic about having to pay money for clothes, but I wasn't going to complain. At least, I thought, I could look prettier. Then I logged in this morning to discover that no! In fact, archers have become even lamer looking. In order to stay relevant, I have to buy something I think is ugly. Knights get to have a cool SCYTHE as a weapon. Archers get some sort of super weird and mostly stupid giant crossbow with a purple skull on it. Really? And the hair styles... I chose archer because I liked the hair. Not one of the hair styles preserves that. It's either wear a lame mask and have short hair or have short brown hair and a flower. The clothes themselves are unimaginative. Three colors of bikinis and three colors of mage outfits.

    Suggestions: kitty ears with the normal archer hair, school girl outfit, maid outfit, small not stupidly large overcompensating weapon... etc.

    Seriously disappointed guys. If you want, I will even draw them; just please give me something I can WANT to buy.
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    I agree with Aya, the Knight AND Mage clothing looks very cool, but the archer clothing, at least for females, just looks cheesy. That crossbow is REALLY ugly, along with the stringed instrument. The archer clothing just looks overly bulky and awkward. If you want people to buy it there needs to be some changes.


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      You think you look stupid? I got the clothes and the Helm for my mage and now I look like one of the Hawkmen from Flash Gordon...
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        i think the same as aya. I don't really love the archer weapon. Too giant and too ugly ... the scythe is just amazing and the staff of the mage is cool. But the archer weapon is like ... "omg i want too look stupid i think i have to buy this".

        just want a beautifull and cool weapon, not a huge joker crossbow skull.