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the problem of lose alot of honer

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    Originally posted by AyaSnow View Post
    I don't approve of this method, but what many lower BR players do is purposely lose to someone with much more honor than them several times. Once they have a high level of dryads, they kill someone with a lot more honor than them. If you lose to someone who has more honor than you, you'll lose maaaaybe 6 honor. If you win against someone with more honor than you, you can gain upwards of 200 honor. Of course, the reverse is also true. One player hunted me the other day and, after only two kills, took 500 honor from me because he had much less honor than me. On the other hand, if I killed him, I only got 35 honor. So do what you will with that information. Just remember - if you become a dryad's hunter, you can't expect anyone to empathize with you if someone dryad hunts you. ^_^
    Colloquially termed "dryad-bombing" or DB for short.


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      i ran today 3 gb .. damn people how in you could hav 17-20k br at lvl 55-59 .. today i killed a 58 with no driad ..i was like *** ... and most of the 55-57 i leave them with 1k hp at most .. and i`m only 50 with only 5 lvls of stun.. and i saw a 55 with the 35 set. .. zomg.