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  • R29024137
    started a topic Troops Convert Option

    Troops Convert Option

    Can anyone provide a better explanation on this feature?

    Click image for larger version

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    The "More Info" doesnt explain it well and I dont want to spend the daru unless Im sure of what it does.

  • Bergess
    Not only specialty but level as when new troops come out you an convert your angel or knight enlightenment to same level to your new troops.......for example, my knights are level 6 PATK enlightenment, so instead of having to spend the 200 million daru t enlighten the Templars I can spend 2 million Daru and the Templars will then be level 6 PATK.....or that is what I think will happen.....

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  • gambit21
    i think it swaps troop specialty,

    if you previously have gryphon specialty patk transformation,
    and finally you level 50 can open knight, you can swap gryphon specialty to knight
    so your knight now have patk transformation, with a price

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