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Patch 1.5 -- Quest Complete Pop-up -- Horrible idea, awesome.

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  • Patch 1.5 -- Quest Complete Pop-up -- Horrible idea, awesome.

    Everytime you complete a quest a "Quest complete" box pops up... the only way to close it is click the "Complete" button which then opens your quest page.

    This is not handy. The scroll already flashes when a quest is complete AND there is a sidebar that you can minimize, but not hide, which also tells you. ALSO this box remains open even if you have already completed the quest.... great for wack-a-mouse, qte ect..... because after you finish and you close the bounty box, it reopens.... I'm sure the spirit covenant people with auto-complete just ***** love it.

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    Just click somewhere else on the screen. It works for me.