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Battlground time

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  • Battlground time

    I am on an EST server but battleground is now at the same time as world boss. Like most people who play I work (school for many) so I only get 1 battleground a day and only 1 world boss. I don't understand why this was changed but it is infuriating me. There is nothing going on now between 21:00 -22:00 server. Please open this up for battleground.

    Having it open for 2hrs during the day favors those in different time zones as well. And this makes no sense as players in their own time zone are not meant to be penalized over others like we currently are.
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    how come gb and wb scheduled at the same time? it doesn't make sense, please look at this issue.

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      Wouldn't it have made more sense to put bgs at 30mins past the hour instead of same as world boss, or is there something preventing this from being as simple as it seems?


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        I completely agree. I like that BG's are now split up, 1 for each half of the day. but to put it at the SAME time as last wb??? wth guys.... seriously please fix that!!!!