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  • balens

    give some give away 500 balens or 1000 if u give us just think in the 500 or 1000. . .to have more people like this game . .hehe

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    obvioulsy nobody is gonna give us non balen users some free balens. What i do expect is the things affordable with balens might be affordable with vouchers also but at a higher price.
    For example, the wings cost 2000 balens more or less, so what about 10000 vouchers for them? it gonna take a pretty long time and sacrifice to get that amount of vouchers.
    Same can be with clothes and other stuffs.


    • #3 click on the offers tab.... and see what free balen offers are available to you in your country.... I recommend the free videos, it may be slow but players are not reporting missing free balens
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        But i wnat that 3000+ in the matomy its names is became a succesfuly online . .where we can find that wings for vouchers?