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Cross server BG suggestion

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  • Cross server BG suggestion

    Hello fellow wartuners!

    I like the cross server BG, its more challenging and gives the lower ranked players more fun as well. However, if you're at the bottom of the foodchain (lvl50-54, and early 60's), you're going to have a hard time for weeks (untill you hit higher lvl/BR). My suggestion would be to alternate BG's with 30-39 / 40-49 / 50-59 / 60-69 / 70-80 and 30-34 / 35-44 / 45-54 / 55-64 / 65-80. One day could do the first setup, the next day the second, then switch back the other day. This way when you turn 50 or 60 it doesn't mean you'll have a hard time doing BG for the weeks to come.

    Second suggestion would be to fix the typo 'has slaughtered more soles then the grimm reaper' where soles=souls.

    Well, that's it for today folks!

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    so don't do battlegrounds till you've levelled up a bit?

    run from the strong people, while you farm crystals?

    Take the losses on the chin and knuckle down while working hard to build your strength?
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      Battlegrounds suck after patch. Really unbalanced!


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        Cant get honour this way.... or should I say VERYSLOW... y wan cross server.. truly unfair for server like oceanic as server launch real slow... so dissappointed

        hope g m do something about it. tq


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          Originally posted by chris5551104 View Post
          Battlegrounds suck after patch. Really unbalanced!
          =_= Are you for real?


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            Tired of repeating myself.. so just go look for all my responses which amount to: Toughen up or don't play it.

            Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

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              My god - it was too hard before the patch. It's too hard after the patch. Sweet Jesus - have your mommy give you a bottle and put you down for the night already!

              As noted above - don't like them, don't do them, don't ***** about them.
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                Originally posted by Serrin View Post

                Tired of repeating myself.. so just go look for all my responses which amount to: Toughen up or don't play it.
                I'm 58 right now so in the top segment of my cross server BG and dont need to toughen up. I just think it would be more balanced if the boundaries wouldn't always be the same. For instance if I level to 60 I may as well not play BG for a month. If the lvl boundaries vary from day to day (or BG to BG) it would solve the issue for everyone.

                Also, if you're tired of repeating yourself then dont and just go away


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                  The new batttlegrounds favor those 49 and lower. Once you get 50+ it really starts to show if your a non-balens user compared to a balens user. (unless you can't build a class properly) It's also takes longer leveling up when you hit 50 because your spending experience on holy seal or your other talents. Suggestion - Leave 49 and lower classes the same and then adjust the upper classes to 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, ect. or once you hit crusader, don't plan on doing battlegrounds until you have a solid character.


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                    OP will get some relief with the next patch.


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                      When you say next patch is that the next update for this patch or a whole new patch? If its the former it should help those now but if its the latter...*braces for impact*

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                        Whole new patch - as in non-1.5X.


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                          Well one good suggestion to balance the interserver BG is to group players not by level but by their BR ratings or maybe by point system. Like if you kill someone you get a Killing Point if you are killed then you lose a Killing Point. So next BG those who have high killing point can be grouped and those that have low killing points are grouped too. So every shuffles from every BG depending on how many you killed and many times you are killed giving those players who cant kill a player in BG to have their own BG and kill each other.


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                            I think should be 5 lvl range up to 55.

                            frome 55,59 start me 10 lvl range at this lvl is dosent mater so mutch everything depends of stun.
                            one lvl 55 can easy kill a lvl 64 if he have tatical close at same or some k br lesser.

                            Is dosent matter so mutch at how mutch br man have after 55. Is just have higre stun that him and you win

                            But true at low lvl at 30 its do for many change in gear there so its can be hard be 31 and meet 35 geared pvp people. same as 40 meet 45 geare pvp people is 10 lvl range in the gear.

                            and lvl 40 pve gear is not so good, PVE geare start be awsome at 50-60 osv.
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                              I think the BG would be better 30-44/ 45-54/55+ or something along those lines. The people who fresh join the bg without the 45 set are still just getting picked on. This would help alot more I think.