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*** u think are u doing?

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    Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
    Oh, I wasn't pissy at you. :P

    Your friend had luck on his side. It must feel good for him. Duel him a few more times and watch that '90%' go in the toilet. :P
    lol at least i met 2 person who does that kind of block.
    now block is like crit full of mystery with luck chance


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      Originally posted by Oxykotton View Post
      Firefox but thing is I have issues occasionally. The first and second boss I combo pretty easy. Last boss not so much. However, that been like that before this patch as well. My guess it has to be a bug or something.
      Interesting. I'll try FF when I do wb. I've been using IE since chrome lags too much for me. That very well could be in though.

      Class: Assassin lvl 78
      BR: 67K
      Server: Qianfo Hall