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Battlegrounds are a nightmare. :)

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  • Battlegrounds are a nightmare. :)

    Hello, this is me, my vip just expired today, and i don't have the heart to pay any more money on this game.
    Why ? Because i am unsatisfied for what i pay !

    I lost 1600 honor in just 2 days !! by guys with 37 K Battle rating, they lose 10 honor because they get killed by high ranked players, they get dryards 20 % or 40 % and gain 700 - 900 honor easily per battle.

    What the hell ? We are paying real money ...we are not jerking arround.

    I am totally unsatisfied, and i think it's my freaking right to say what i have to say...

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    lol, know what u saying, i get suicide bombed by people only some 2k or so br lower than me and after 2 or 3 fights lose 200k+ honor


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      Lowbies are now overpowered in game by getting dryads...what the hell, i got my *** kicked by a guy who had MDEF arround 6500 + dryads arround 10.000 + MDEF

      Now how the hell am i supposed to get extra honor ?... They put so many battlegrounds but now i am affraid to enter, because soon i will go back to Crusader, instead Knight Crusader.

      I get 46 honor if i beat them, but i if i lose the battle i get - 400.
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        its so stupid im a free user with 500 more honor close to become Elite crusader guess what? all attack me I get -400 daily? better join BG for entering quest, 2kills not worth it than 400 honor! reduce honor reduction to 200 zzz.