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Massive game kill!!

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  • Massive game kill!!

    Why in gods name did r2games take the key runs out???? and gave us 15 summoners max per day. Are they really that blind too see that
    it only makes players quit the game??? 17 of my guildies quit in the last 2 days, they were making legend equipment and then r2games decided
    too kill the key runs. There are player playing this game that have a reallife and a job and can`t spend 16 hours a day on this game. Making legend
    equip will be almost impossible if you don`t spend that amount of time on the game. It`s becoming more clear that all they care about is MONEY!!!
    And about the prices of the clothes, i`m not even gonna start about that. When i lose 1200 balens just by clicking a button, thats not bad luck, it`s
    called stealing if you ask me. Keep up the good work r2, you`ll kill the game in less then 6 months.

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    rembo I think I have the answer. They earned a lot and want to kill this game soon because new games are on the way. More payers quit wartune, more potential payers go to pay from the beginning their new games.
    But it can turn into business fail, because from now, any R2 project is a no-go for me.


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      they decide to take out summoner because they want to sell legend stones in mystery shop for balens DUH


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        I know they did that because they want poeple too buy them in the shop, ofc they do. But they will kill the game at the same time


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          Pity they don't sell insignias in shop as well since they've removed 1 GW per week which is potentially 1k less honor/insig per week for everyone. On top of that, they limited it to 8 guilds and 8 other guilds suffer from not being able to do GW anymore. It is really a mood killer with all the new limitations and nothing done to make ppl feel they gained something else in return for losing all these things. Having new clothing doesn't count as they're all ugly (even the rare ones). They should go surf online for better clothing ideas as the ones they implemented all look like fashion disasters. I rather they held off on implementing clothings till they get better designs as the current ones really are eyesores. Limiting things here and there without adding any benefit to players definitely isn't good for keeping the players interested in the game.
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          Guild: Warriors
          Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
          Class: Archer
          Difficulty Level: Noob
          BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


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            i was just in bg and 2hit a knight killed me,im lvl 50 he was doing 14-18k damage,thx r2 my last vip im getting,giving my acc away and gonna go find something better and cheaper,hope you enjoyed all the money i spent cause that's all you gonna get,following my friends steps,what a ripoff game


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              it is gonna be a fail cause i dont want deal with r2 games anymore,neither do my friends that quitted