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Nether Forest

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  • Nether Forest

    Ok I'm posting here because the current server which is running on the Wartune site has no GM/MOD/Dev activity in over 2 weeks now. So now I have 2 questions.

    1. Has the game already been abandoned. I ask this because of not just the lack of communication by anyone running the site but also because the general forums there are riddled with spam advertisement now.

    2. Does anyone here know when/if the Nether Forest quest be fixed. I have completed it but myself along with many others are unable to receive the rewards which is making it so that we are unable to advance in the story line. This basically brings you to a fast stop if you are one of the unlucky 50% for which this effects. I'm all about testing and feedback but you gotta let me see the content if I'm going to provide feedback for it.

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    Nether forest bug has been fixed I think
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      Originally posted by Bigblete View Post
      Nether forest bug has been fixed I think