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Divine Altar - What are the Rewards

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  • Divine Altar - What are the Rewards


    What are the Rewards from Divine Altar?

    My Guild failed to do the Hero mode(200k Wealth) in the last 30 sec on wave 7 =)

    so we get no rewards from it.
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    there are many rewards. i can list a few of them which i got
    enhanced bounty, soul crystal, luck stones, skel keys, kyanite, shadow crystal.
    not sure if there are more others since the lagg is severe..


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      from 50k contry, as
      1 place reserved 20 soul cristals, 3 skeleton keys;
      2 place 15 sc and 2sk,
      all 3k kyanite and 3 shadow cistals, bounty, roses, whips... didnt see other

      btw we didnt hold 20min so dont know if it goes up if u do
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        200k contri

        1. 30 soul crystals 5 keys.
        2. 20 soul crystals 3 keys.
        3. 15 or 10 soul crystals 2 or 1 keys not sure.
        rest 5k kyanite and 5 shadow crystals and other random stuff from mobs. Can't tell if rewards go up if you beat more waves in 20 mins. Managed only 9.


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          anyone knows what is the reward if we manage to last 20 mins?


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            Originally posted by R26092269 View Post
            anyone knows what is the reward if we manage to last 20 mins?
            You get the level you're either currently on or the one you fully defeated.