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Moderate casher thoughts about the patch

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  • Moderate casher thoughts about the patch

    There is probably 100 posts about the patch so far.. but i'll add mine.

    I'm playing lvl 57 mage on Armor games europe server (the older one that started after christmas..). I'm a moderate casher, vip, and bought some gear now when patch was released.

    Patch did change a lot.. BG, WB, Gear, Altar.

    Gear is great yes, costs a ton of money, yes. I'm though annoyed with the fact I can't choose my appearance when I lvl my gear.. it really annoys me greatly. But more than that it bugs me that gear gives us cashers way too big advantage compared to non casher players. This causes non cashers to abandon the game.. and when they leave.. cashers leave too. I'm seeing massive amount of ppl quitting the game, few leaves every day now.. also people who been investing already ton of money to their gear. Rewards for upgrading gear are making things only worse.

    The other problem is cross server and older vs. younger servers. BG is completely unbalanced. Even with full balen gear lvld up young server lvl 65 players are unable to cope in BG and they loose massive amounts of honour every time. They are getting fustrated and stop playing. I've already heard several top cashers quitting on my server AFTER paying for their gear and i'm constantly hearing cashers thinkign about quitting.

    Then world boss.. before patch you could see several archers, few mages and also one or two knights in top 10. Now it's full archers. Archers have a huge advantage against boss, so they also gain most out of it.. and that gives them advantage in every other aspect too. Archers seem to rule on altar as well. This causes especially knights to leave the game.. but also top mages leaving.

    I'm concerned that soon I end up sitting in abandoned server with only few top cashers.. and to speak the truth.. i won't stay that long looking at this if nothing changes. I'll wait until my vip wears off.. and if nothing happens before that.. I'm leaving too.

    So, please game developers, do something and do it fast! Our server is leaking ppl out and it will eventually cause you to loose money. Don't wait for a month and look how things turn out.. it'll be too late then. Balance things out.. throw something for non cashers, a chance to get gear free with events or so.. maybe limit honour gain or access to BG for top honour gainers? Maybe make a limit for how many kills one can make in one single BG? Balance up the BG and archer/mage/knight skills somehow, to make sure all have at least some sort of chance?

    If you did read this message, thank you. I'll stay waiting for any reply..

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    Oh, one more thing to add..

    Battleground times did change. My timezone is GMT +2 and that means no BG for me, becouse i'm adult, whos working at the time of earlier BG and sleeping at the time of later BG.. I can only do BG on weekends then..? So I'd really appreciate if times would change back to how they were earlier.