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[Question] Duel Rewards and Blitz Camp.

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  • [Question] Duel Rewards and Blitz Camp.

    Just 2 things I wanna know from others players... to see if is only me or everyone...

    1) Arena Duel (Solo) Reward: The thing here is... from 6/10 battles I get "Level 1-2 Def potion", It's everyone like this or just my real bad luck?.

    2) Before the patch I never got a LOT of "City Protection Tokens", but now every 3/5 blitz in campaing are City Tokens... and in MP too.

    This is just for me... or is for all?

    I want to read your opinion...
    Server: [S77] Tarlington Field
    IGN: MDarkGuard
    Class: Knight
    Level: 55
    Guild: Armaggedon
    Guild Role: Asst. Guild Master

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    yes and yes to both questions. i have lots of low lvl defense potions and now like 11 city defenses. just gotta use em up!


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      i went from no protection tokens before patch to currently 10 tokens. Though that might just be because i blitz and click those boxes so i don't miss anything in the dungeons.