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After 1.5 patch, More players are quitting

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  • After 1.5 patch, More players are quitting

    I tried to find my friends for MP dungeon runs for GOD or TL, but unfortunately they're not around anymore.

    It's unusual for them to be offline because they are always around daily, and not only that, I kept checkin the Hall of Heroes and

    still nobody's creating a run. I even made a room but no luck.

    What's a multi-player game for, when there are no players in the game?

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    what server are you playing on ?
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        yep same issues, they have screwed the pooch on this update all about the casher now many quit the day it came out ....


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          I saw quite a lot of players who was quitting the games in my server also. (Mostly was non-casher). Too bad I still have some enemies I want to challenge, and now there no more chance for us to be dueling again ;'(
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            This game needs to re-think again because Chinese game differnt from this game and update time came at the wrong time or merges all server that had a duration sufficient and that it deserves to be updated not the new server , which began in less than two months to merge some stages such BG with an old server has been going on for more than six months

            Added update slowly and study deeper and wider, not so fast, recklessness It's not just earn money as the update that way you will lose the team instead of him winning consistently must be planned and make the player eager to game and not leave so fast any make earning money going instead ofgain my time
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