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Your opinions about Updated Patch 1.5 Part I?

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  • Your opinions about Updated Patch 1.5 Part I?

    Greeting all Wartune players. Want to shared your opinions about the games Wartune?

    What you like about the patch? What you don't like about it?

    Summary what was updated in Part I:

    • Clothing

    • Divine Altar

    • Cross-Server Battlegrounds & Rankings

    • Updated Mystery Shop

    • Guild Battle Changes

    • Improved Blitz
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    clothing: like the rage but still money sink hole

    DA: will be good addition to the game once the freeze will be fixed

    cs bg (and lvl grouped bg which u forgot to mention): best thing that could happen in order to keep pvp attractive. it remove that feeling of ifinite grinding to nowhere...

    mystery shop upgrade: even more money sink hole... but at leats i get alpaga and reindeer which i missed at the begining!! yay now 3rd on mount str ranking

    guild battle change: unless im wrong the only change is the amoutn of guild participating, but thats already a good good point ! might bring more mid lvl guild to merge together in order to be in top8

    and finaly improved blitz : lol ... who care. now that u can get legend stone and crystaloid from mystery shop. they had to find a way to make ppl spend their key on somethign else than sommuner. (that said the use key option is always default checked)
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      The clothing was a interesting move, it has generated more freedom for players to express themselves and tho the range is limited, its still a step in the right direction and a postive, forward thinking move..... the price was the brainchild of a fraking idiot that was sitting in the corner sniffing their own week old socks...

      divine altar, is a nice way to bring a guild together in a event....... and prove to players that unless they spend, they are not really going to be able to tangle with most of the big boys....

      cross server battle grounds and rankings ? mmmmm its ok as long as you have clothes, because that first hit can make or break most fights... and while it makes a refreshing change, not to have to deal with the over powered ego maniacs that want to place in your spawn area like a fleet of cars, you now have to deal with the players that look for any hint that you are not the result of 1K dollars worth of balens..... a few players have mentioned that going out into the bg, looking like you are at the lower end of the scale, armour wise, is like having a sign on your head saying hit me and cost me 250 honour, its not like I need it.

      mystery shop,... yeah, its a mystery as to why players play so much for so lil, enuf said

      guild battle changes,... let me reply when I know more about it... IE having had my first one, cos until then, I am a BG virgin

      touch my blitz and somebody dies, its mine.... mine I tells ya... and I is keeping it til the day I die..... here have my partner instead but leave my blitz alone....