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    if you flipped a coin one day and it was coming up heads 1/2 the time and tails 1/2 the time... and then the next day it was coming up heads 3/4 of the time and tails 1/4 of the time... it would not take long to detect and be confident that the probabilities have changed...

    the misfortune are, without question, coming up with much higher probability than before the patch...

    i believe this is to compensate for the red astrals... but the problem is... the red astrals aren't in the game yet... so we are getting the negative effect without the positive effect... that's a guess, but i think a reasonable one...

    but in any case, it is not necessary to know WHY something is happen to detect that it IS happening...


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      Originally posted by Peteroid View Post

      i believe this is to compensate for the red astrals...
      Good rate blue astral drop much better VS red astral with bad rate drop for blue astral.

      Lv astral is most important, not the colour.
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