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any prof mag can advice me ?

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  • any prof mag can advice me ?

    hi guys iam lv 59 mag in S76 i dont know add thunderer skille or
    damntion any one can say what is will great for me btw i dont have clothing
    so my rage is 30 in start this mean i need hit more light bolt for get enugh rage
    to use thunderer ... so u can help me choose thunder or damntion

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    Depends on what your skills are and if you have double skills. Thunderer is mostly for wb but you need more than 1lvl on it to be good. Damnation can be good but if you don't have double skills you need to go for meteor and purify/BL to be useful in mp dungeons.


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      If you have double skill, get in DD tree... maybe
      I find only use of thunderer to be for Necropolis -.-'
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        don't get damnation. And only get thunderer if you hve double skills thus enough skill points to have a dps page which contains rof, meteor and thunderer.
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