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Clothing system

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  • Clothing system

    This new clothing system just seems to be a way to steal balens from paying players. The way you have set it up so the luck stone will only work on items of the same lvl is a total rip off. I have had 4 failed tries today just going for a lvl 3 item and this is listed as having a good chance. So not only do you change the look of the clothes we bought so we end up turning the clothing off but you also set it so we are ripped off for paying you money as well.

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    not payng = not playng . well done


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      I have no problem with spending some money to play a game I enjoy but when they list something as having a GOOD chance of success which then goes on to fail a total of 6 times in a row costing 2370 balens then that becomes a rip off. The way that they setup this clothing system means that there is no way around this.