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Earlier thread

This topic is closed.
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  • Earlier thread

    Why was this thread closed?

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    still waiting on response


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      It's difficult to say exactly.

      When a player makes a forum post subjecting R2 to ridicule, it has a chance of being locked or outright deleted. That said, there are a plethora of posts taking shots at various aspects of the game under R2's direct control that are not censored/moved/deleted.

      It's a safe bet to say that it was a complaint thread that degraded into comments about "stupidity" and then into the "CHN version", both of which potentially raise red flags.


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        lol, ur post just made me think of a kid that cant handle criticism.


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          It was the talk of other versions of wartune but they don't like being called names either.. so its kinda both things but they will lean on the other versions of wartune.


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            Want to talk about the mystery shop ? sure, want to discuss the changes that r2 mentioned that players are not seeing,? I agree, talk away.... but want to rubbish r2 ? you have close to 100 threads to choose from... want to talk about how the chinese version is better ? use one of the other close to 50 threads, or go play the chinese version.....
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