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Necropolis lvl 5 complete some questens

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  • dwmedia
    started a topic Necropolis lvl 5 complete some questens

    Necropolis lvl 5 complete some questens

    What for mini Charisma, hp, patk, crit should a archer have for try it?

    Think give it a chance to,

    Completet lvl 2 and failed at lvl 3

    Do am just used lvl 2 power, lvl 3 defens, lvl 2 charisma pots noting else.

    After that i have never try it again.
    But think try it again today after am complete lvl 100 cata today do am use warrior call i do it last time after the buff hade go out frome time limit.

    am watch a relly low archer at youtube and stats after he failed at lvl 5 boss.

    But should be great if man can get a ca stats man should aless have for lvl 5 for complete it.
    Need try get it done so man can take upgrade some lvl 60 rings and jewels to legendary.

  • CondorHero
    You only need to reach level 5 of Necropolis (i.e complete level 4).

    That said, if you're an archer, just deepfreeze all the way. Go for PATK.

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