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  • I just want to say

    I know that wartune is meant to be long term playing game, but idk,mybe they decide to do, even longer alittle late.. we cant catch older servers.. now no keys runs,crossserver bg, its annyoing when u get players from s1-s10, or even worse hardly getted honor now taking nabs whit dryads..idk and that 40k br players getting 60+k br in arena is really annyoing, and that not once but sometimes 5-10 times in a row.. astrals happy that guys who did before all what they want, cuz now from 700k gold u can get 1k points for upgrade.. i still continiue playing, but is imspobile to catch someone from older servers, and now everything g ettin cross server, seems no fair.. right ? tnx for reading

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    Wartune is like any game, you play the way you want to play....

    you know that you will never catch the older players, but many of them did not start playing when you did... and the players that start in a months time, may not catch me, but I do bear in mind that they will have all the skills and tools to beat the ( mumbles word in happys ear ) out of me.....but the one thing that I will still be, is playing, not like the masses that have blamed the game as the reason for them quitting....

    the game will change again and again, the best I can do, is roll with the punches if I want to be a long term player, and retire one day with my head held high, some money left in my wallet and my sanity intact from modding the forums......
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      omg, new server a lot of events with prizes wich on older servers ppl claim just playing in game, what u need? just pay for it, when ppl on older servers spend a lto of time or even dont have chance to get it
      class balance ****
      cash - noncah balance ****

      so game ****? - ye

      dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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        yeah ik, but i just want to say


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          really? in the old days, we had to scrap for bits of shards, had no tree, no holy seal, fight for every tiny bit of insignia ....... no blitzing, although we did have cata afk mode..... everything else was manual... No Divine Altar, no GB to hand out honor and insignia .... jeez. I actually had to work and earn my 45 set just to get creamed by lvl 60's harvesting gems, getting pillaged every 2 hours. It's a cakewalk now. Can level a toon to 60 in less than a month now. It's very easy to catch up bonuses on new servers, wow, too easy now. what took me 4 months before takes me 1 month now. Believe me, you can catch up a bit, not completely, but you can catch up.
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            i have already 47k br, on s72, so i ctaching slowly