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wartune goes die...

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  • wartune goes die...

    la la la
    there is no chance to play this game anymore... all patches going to be for Balenas players.. u making too big differance ..
    normal player with same lvl skills items, cant win same lvl player with wings, cloathing, (60+ rage on start)... World Boss only for players with Balenas(50% more stats than voucher bonus) others can only farm a little but ofc top 3 only for balenas..
    i know u have to hold server and pay for it, also get some money, but remember, if normal players who not buy balenas will leave u, and that gonna happen soon, "vip" players will leave u too cuze with who they gonna play? u need norml players too.. dont make evry patch for vips only.. we alredy dont have any chance to win a player with balenas set and wings.. where is balance of thi, where is fun from game? do every one have to pay for have "fun"... i leaving wartune soon too, just wanna see next patch, if its again only to make bigger diferance betwen vip and normal game, this game is officaly dead for me.

    Greetings r2, hope u will understand something b4it will be too late.

    P.S. sorz for my bad eanglishhope u understand.

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    same thread sooo many times, r2 doesn't give a rats arse about the players or the thoughts of players, give up on these threads they just want the money and when it stops which by judging on the server mergers, 25 of them this week, the servers are dying fast already mergers in the 100's and yet they still open new servers every week, game is dead r2 destroyed it with the greed move on find something else hate to see it die was a good game but when greed factors in nothing you can do about it, hoping maybe some other non greedy publisher picks up the rights and does it with out the greed aspect but probably won't happen
    giving game one last chance :

    guild leader : endangered
    server 164 brighthollow
    class : archer
    current level : 54
    favorite title : Balenor's Number One Guild Master


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      this game not die, bcs a lot of idiots still pay
      class balance ****
      cash - noncah balance ****

      so game ****? - ye

      dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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        I am a payers, but every patch some release start be laughable first thing lvl 60 set take arount 1 years to complete, this is first resone to why i coming quit play this game after a while. Becouse nobody put a year down in a lvl 60 gear and you are easy lvl 80 Before that.

        And Everything start coste so alot mutch i have noting to spend maby some mony but must of Everything is big over price some man dont pay. I have a brain i can Think and see what some is Worth to pay for.
        And its not alot in this game. And more and more people start leave this game becouse them dosent have any chance vs payers. In lower lvls and non payers need works so mutcher harder.

        VS we dont get any to fight. Soon we have non to fight vs borning game = man easy change game if a game start be borning.

        Everything should sells and upgrade for a chooes frome Balans or Vonchers.
        Give them a more fair play stail.

        Say sell wings for 10.000 voncher or more should take time for them but lesser time to use Get Free Balans and get arount 100 balans a day and save for 19 Days. Sometimes lesser.
        Character - Taggen
        Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
        Class - Archer
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