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10 Ideas to fix, improve, and refine Wartune

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  • 10 Ideas to fix, improve, and refine Wartune

    Ok, I decided to post a bunch of ideas in a single thread because I have too many to make a post for each one, would crowd out the forum.
    1. Dire Wolf Mount: got the idea from Game of Thrones, and was reminded of it when I saw the trailers for season 3 coming out in March. Could even be an albino dire wolf like Rob Snow's, or a white one and a normal colored one.

    2. VIP token reformation: the VIP tokens need to be changed. Non-vip's have no use for them, but are also reluctant to sell them because they are worth only 1 gold making them the most worthless item in the game. the misfortune astral is more useful as a result. There are several ways this situation could be improved. One is to implement a system that makes it so non-VIPs do not ever get awarded VIP tokens. Another is to make VIP tokens worth a decent amount of gold, atleast 100 or 500, but 1,000 would be better. And lastly, another way to improve it is to simply make it so that VIP tokens can be used for something by non-VIPs. Doesn't have to have the same use as it does for VIPs, but just make them useful some how, and not pieces of trash.

    3. Inventory glitches/interface flaw fixes: I think this isn't a glitch, but it makes it so that often when you click on an item, instead of opening the use option, move option, etc etc, it posts the name of the item in the chat box. To fix this one presses shift. However, it would make much more sense to hold down shift and click on the item to post it in chat box than pressing shift to not post it in chat box.

    4. Features vs. Fixes balancing: it seems a lot of patches and updates are more about adding features (such as clothing, which I find kind of silly personally) than they are about fixing existing bugs. As a result, I have noticed that not only are bugs not getting fixed at times, more are added. One bug I noticed is that certain dungeon locations that normally give either a battle, an item, or gold, instead either give nothing at all or in one case says "Item canceled" in chat box. A good example of the not giving anything situation is a cave in The Void, near the randomly occuring secret boss location. You go up to a cave, and click investigate or whatever, and nothing happens. Needs to be fixed. As for new bugs being added, the Divine altar is very buggy and very laggy. The enemies often seem to teleport, and if you are fighting an enemy when Divine altar ends, you get stuck in that fight, it freezes(just found out that this is also a problem in battleground, and probably Guild Battle as well by extension). I was effectively stuck in a staring contest with a goblin creature, until someone suggested logging out. I was considering doing that to begin with, but was very annoyed that I had to do that. I guess what I'm trying to say is fix existing problems before adding new features that will likely add new ones. Which brings me to another suggestion:

    5. Alpha/beta servers: special servers to test new add-ons to the game. Many mmos have this. Before adding new features to the game proper, have them tested for atleast a week or two by people in a dedicated alpha/beta test server. Beta would be better in my opinion, because that gives more opportunity for players to test it first. Things like the frozen in battle in Divine Altar would be more likely to be caught on a Beta test than in Alpha, since internal testing can be biassed by the tester often thinking along certain lines that keep certain conditions from being tested (again, my divine altar situation). As to what would encourage players to get onto the beta-server as opposed to regular, that is easy: previews and sneak peeks. Those are the motives used in other, higher end MMOs, the opportunity to view future content before implementation on regular servers. People get to see how something works before hand, can notify developer of bugs in the feature, and then regular servers get less bugs as a result.

    6. Potion Conversion, Potion synthesis, etc. etc.: simply put, make potions similar to gems (they already are in many ways, the only thing being you can't convert potions and you can't synthesize a higher level potion from a bunch of small ones), thus allowing a bunch of level 1 defense potions to be synthesized into a level 2 defense potion, and let a mage with a power potion convert it into an intelligence potion.

    7. Conversion of scrolls: make physical attack scrolls able to be converted into magic attack scroll and vice versa.

    8. Synthesis of legendary stones and item shards: make item shards(eg level 50 ring shard) and legendary stones synthesizable like all other crafting materials. Make it so a bunch of level 40 ring shards can be synthesized into level 50 ring shards, and bunches of level 40 legendary stones can be synthesized into level 50 legendary stones.

    9. Material breakdown/decomposition: make it so crafting materials can be broken down into their lower level counterpart, basically synthesis in reverse. Make a level 60 legendary stone be able to be broken down into bunches of level 50 legendary stones, level 5 crytaloid able to broken down into a bunch of level 4 crystaloids, etc. etc.

    10. Implement player to player trading (with caveats): make it so players can trade certain items between eachother, or buy from each other. However, don't let VIP only items be traded to non-vips, and don't let balen purchased items be traded between players unless in exchange for balens.
    That should be a good start for ideas to be discussed.

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    Well. Your suggestion is good. But i think you r jus wasting your time writing it lol. Becoz R2 wouldnt care... They jus follow everything on 7Roads.


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      You know number one Guild can now share out one Days VIP day. IF them become number one Guild frome Guild leaders can chooes who some get the chest rewards.
      Its just ask if you can get one day VIP card frome them and spin you all ticket at this day.
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        But requires you to be in the #1 guild. Kind of restrictive.