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Divine Altar suggestion....

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  • Divine Altar suggestion....

    How about instead of awarding top 3 players w/ extra rewards, why not just give everyone the same thing, Divine Altar is difficult as it is, and the troop repair bill afterwards can sometimes be expensive. Going to get old real fast seeing same top 3 players getting extra, I know it's not much, but it does add up, especially the soul crystals.

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    I agree. Either give everyone the extra bonus (skeleton keys and soul crystals), or don't give at all.

    Archers already dominate at WB (DPS event).
    Why should they dominate again at DA (another DPS event).

    Even GB bonus reward is based on DPS.
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      i agree, +1 for idea


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        Thank you CondorHero, I also believe events should be broken up more evenly between the classes, let archers have WB, & divide GB, or DA between Mages & Knights. That would probably make each class more pleasant to play instead of being dominated by just 1 class.