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stug in 89 cata,,,

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  • stug in 89 cata,,,

    can u tell me what must to do to past lv 89 cata,,,!!! char archer lv 55,,,,!! im frustasion about it,,,

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    can you give some information about what is happening, so you can be helped
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      post ur stats .. the only thing u need to beat boss is around 8k mdef and 10.5-11k patk combined with 25k health and some runes.. and as many troops as u can get ( it will be easier if u have more troops ). U can replace ur pdef astral with charisma astral ( Pristime charm) ... make this lvl 4 atleast it will help.. if u got spare gems replace pdef gems with mdef (temperorily) and hp where ever possible.. these are little things that can help ..
      finally all u need is u start with deep freeze .. then use AS MS AS MS ..... DF, AS MF... etc.. boss would be easy kill ..
      always try to use DF as soon as it comes out of cool down.
      i have finished lvl 100 following forum posts about how it ws done... and i did it at lvl 52 ( archer)..
      U can refer [previous posts if u need help ab out catacombs


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        I've passed the 90 cat with 10,3 k patk ,5.3k mdef, 23.7k hp and some runes.(Yeah i was kinda lucky)To pass cat 100 you need atleast 7.4k mdef and some health, let's say 30-37k hp or 8k mdef.


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          yea maybe that why i cant pass the boss,, my patk 10.7k,, mdf 6k health 27k,, thaks 4 information guys,, i will try it,,