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Floating damage?

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  • Floating damage?

    What exactly does floating damage modify?

    There are astrals that increase floating damage by a percentage but equiping one my physical nor magical damage stat changed. It cant be critical damage since that mod has its own astrals also.

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    Any one know about this?


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      There are two possibilities

      1. It's a factor in damage algorithms, but since no one knows the actual formula yet, just treat it like extra damage.
      2. It's a mistranslation.

      In my experience, it amplifies damage against low defense targets by a lot (basically, whatever your damage is after the Attack vs Defense calculation)


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        ok thanks, makes sense


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          Floating damage may means there is a chance to increase or reduce the damage with that rate, totally depend on your luck
          Enjoy the Game


          • #6
            should just increase, not reduce.

            increase your dmg from 0-max value.


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              as far as i know this should be work like
              damage 100 to 200
              add floating damage 100
              damage 100 to 300

              hope it helps


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                From what i heard floating dmg is the + dmg you get from skills. Example if theres a still that gives 80% dmg + another 200 dmg the 200 dmg is the floating dmg. At least that is what a guildie told me in guild earlier.