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  • bgs cashers dream

    well r2 messed it up again..they know level means nothin in this game,,why didnt they seperate bgs by br,,let the mega cashers kill each other...also its funny how this whole patch only constited of things u need balens for..why doesnt r2 care about game content we have to keep doin same dungeons over n over but that stuff comes later money 1st of course..nothin wrong with makin money..but remember hogs get fat pigs get slaughter,,i was a medium to light casher...but i learned my lesson im done as soon as my vip runs out..n to all the mods that will say i whine,,why was no new game content added in this patch no spire no troops no new dungeons just things u need to buy

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    only divine altar was added actually which is basically a waste of time. hope part 2 brings something fun again