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  • [Suggestion] In-Game Support - Online

    1. Introduction

    Whom it May Concern,
    I would like to suggest a brand new way to support costumers in-game. The Game Masters, when online talk directly to costumers for a better experience.

    2. But why online and not offline?

    • If necessary to logout your account at Wartune: GM will tell you to do it. This way R2 Team GM's can work at your account for changes without any inconvenience.
    • More accessible information about the issue being directly talking to the costumer.
    • Provides a better experience to the costumer and satisfation: Emotional Stability.
    • Less costumers complaining about the amount of the time they wait to be helped.
    • Easy way to GM to complete their job (No remnants remain to assist).

    *Additional support suggestion
    • Remote Control Assistance (VNC) - Instead of screenshots, you can have a chance to let GM take control of your game. This will bring a good comunication between the costumer and the GM's simultaneous. If you want to use this method you must disable Firewall service from your computer and active again after the issue solved.
    • Optional to send a screenshot instead of Remote Assistance if you are not confortable with this method. If you want to use this method you need to accept "Yes" or if you don't want to use it click "No".

    3. How to
    • Fill the ticket as you normally do
    • The GM online will contact with you in-game to know your issues. (If you are not online at this point it would be sent a message to your e-mail with the occurrence of which was contacted to resolve the problem but the costumer was offline and what can be done by that time.)
    • It will be able to costumer speak with a GM by "System" chat tab. Big warning will appear on the top of the screen.
    • Compliment GM and detailed explain your issue.
    • If necessary to logout, do it.
    • After all done, GM will ask if you need more help to make sure that his work are done and he can access to other tickets to help more people. Be objective.

    Best regards,
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    i can't understand anything


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      Originally posted by firstbloodron View Post
      i can't understand anything
      What is not specific to understanding?

      "One archie down, another one lays in the ground. Only one knight shall stand, because the other one perished before my hands."

      IGN: Alma®
      Guild: One♥Piece
      Class: Mage
      Server: [S83] Fowlsfield Citadel


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        You know, im my server (Kong 1) some times an R2 Mod, or admin or whatever, comes and say "If you got a question just ask". But after december (when the patch 1.45 was released, or something like that) nobody ever appear again.
        It is not the same thing as you are asking, but if they take out those kind of help, the Im pretty sure that they wont listen to your suggestion. Honestly, i think that R2 doesnt care any more
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          been there, done that in another game..... I would not ask any other person to go through that experience
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            Though this is a nice idea, due to the sheer number of games with servers with tickets versus the number of staff and personnel, the queues would get exceedingly long.


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              The admin can already force you to log out, and can take control of your account if they wish to do so. But with ten million players, even assuming 99% have already quit, that leaves 100,000 players trying to get help. And that is just THIS game. As KnowingEyes said, this is just not practical.
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