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Therion under lvl 40

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  • Therion under lvl 40

    So my guild just won the guild battle/ finals w.e and the G-M is only lvl 39 would it negate therion for the week or wait for him to get it? Hit me up please

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    He will get a card which he can synthesize to use it.

    If he is not level 40 yet, he can't use the card.
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      There's not a card anymore. It just activates it for a week now, it's been changed off of a card. It'd become active for the Guild leader when he hits 40, but the time will probably already be ticking.


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        Thanks for the help bro.


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          K so no therion and no card whats up it a bug or what?


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            Are they level 40 yet?
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              They got lvl 40 right after the guild battle but it was after awards were given, and therion was not part of the pack.


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                get them to check their stables, then file a ticket
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