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  • Guild Communication

    One of the most difficult things I have found is communicating things to my guild members. They wanted me to spend 175 balens to send some 3 line message!!! I mean, give me a decent amt of space to actually communicate something to my guild, and don't charge balens. We have to create facebook accounts and even then getting people to use it is hard. Guilds would be more connected if we could help new members learn, send out updates etc.. A lot of people don't even read chat, but they would read a g m message. Oh, and why all the nanny junk in communication? You can't type gm in chat because the system puts up %~ . People just put a space between inappropriate words, do you think it's really that necessary to block gm?

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    OKAY I totally agree with this..... on te guild message..... My assistant hd asked me if it was okay that we switched Gl so she coul send out a message for 175 balen!!!!!!!!! ***!!!!!!!!! first off WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE PAY TO COMUNICATE WITH OUR GUILDIES!!!!!! 2nd off if your guild sends a mail its the DUMBEST ***** system in the world. first off it doesnt warn you that when your writing themessage that if its to many character letters that it will delete all the spaces and jumble ur words together! instance 1, 2nd off it doesnt tell you when you start typing the message (sme with guild intro or announcement) that there is a certain character limit of letters. 3RD after u spent the 175 balene and did tye your full msg and sent it ou and its cramed all the words together

    EXample: theGuildbattlewillbeonmon-wed-friweneedallavailableplayrstoattendandonlythefirst50Topbrwillbeabletoparticipate

    OMG you tell me how freaking hard that is to read but yet i already spent 175 balene on a worthless message so that you get some free money or sponcer clicks an didnt have any common sense system to aware us that you would be ***** us on that message. now from this point on we wont be using guild mail system. therefore making you lose more BAlene in te long run GG wartune.


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      Trying to see how many feel this is important. I find it very hard to communicate with the guild. You can't say much in the small space for announcements, and spending balens to talk to your guild is stupid. I can see them putting a max on space for messages to keep us from storing a bunch, but come on, let us have enough space to assign teams for gb, not just leaders etc, or talk about balen opportunities we discover on various packages.