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extreme lag in wb and gb after patch 1.5

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  • extreme lag in wb and gb after patch 1.5

    Hello R2, after making all the money you guys earn from clothing and wings upgrading why must u give us extreme lag in world boss and guild battle as a package? WB from 6 cast per turn down to 4 to 5 cast per turn and most of the time double attack not working. worst part is during gb we have delay of 5 min! Do you like to click on 1st tower to def it but nothing happen, go to 2nd tower and do the same but still nothing happen. run all the way to to attack ward tower, msg pop up do you want to def the first tower? how lame is that? And how about during battle u can't cast any skill at all, just stand there and watch other ppl kill you? Is there any more fun in this game if u have a delay of 5 mins?

    Don't just count your money in your bank! fix this stupid lag ASAP!