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    Originally posted by Ruise View Post
    you do realize lvl 50+ had holy seal, ne?
    Below lvl 50 will just get stuned and meeting they;re lost without a single doubet (ok, forget about Dryad, that diff matter)

    For honor lost...
    nah... I'll just thingking it as my payment to get PvP point...
    Geez... just how you fell if you lost more than 1k honor in EVERY SINGLE battleground?
    I kill 7-12 but still lost 1k honor. You think that fair when the one who kill more, 15-22, still had plus for they're honor?

    Look, I'm not trying to make it so a lvl 45 can beat a lvl50, or anything like that. Of course the higher level character has advantages. All my suggestion was trying to do was level the playing field a bit better than it is now.


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      Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
      Actually if you loose against a person in the same rank as you then you dont loose much... for ex lets say ur almost a crusader and a new elite warrior beats you then you will not loose that much honor as the person is at the same rank as you... but if you loose a fight against someone of a lower rank no matter what the honor difference is, you loose 400 for ex... a person who is almost a crusader beats you, a newly crowned crusader then you will loose 400 as although the honor difference is not that much, the other person is still lower rank than you.....
      Oh and all of this im not very sure about but just what i think about the calculation of honor loss
      Not true. See KE's post:
      Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
      There is no secret: If you are below your opponent in numerical honor, you stand to gain far more honor than if you lose. If you are above your opponent in numerical honor, you stand to lose far more honor than if you win.
      I can confirm that as true.


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        Originally posted by R24907107 View Post
        Quote Originally Posted by R24907107 View Post
        Slomehow that doesn't match what's happening. I loose one battle and loose 160 honor. Loose another and loose 6. Then the person that I lost to the first time attacks me again and I loose 196? I have lost almost 170 honor and still end up loosing even more? No, this explanation just doesn't add up.
        If you lost 160 honor the first time, it was because you lost to a lower numerically honored player. The second death tally came at the hands of a very high honor ranked player (6 is the lowest amount IIRC). The third death (the same player from the first death) was still because you were still higher in honor count. The explanation still holds. I'm not sure about the 196 part though. That part shouldn't be happening.

        Screenshots help immensely.

        That part shouldn't be happening? Duh!!! That's the whole point - the system seems to be very arbitrary in how it takes honor. Sure, your general guide holds, but exactly how much it takes - well, it seems to be up to I don't know who. And, I love the screenshot reply - it seems to be the ultimate answer here. Like I'm going to take a shot every time I do something - just in case I end p having a problem??? Get serious!

        An, don't get me wrong. I love this game. I'm on it about 12 hours a day, or more, on most days. I just think the honor system after you make Crusader needs some serious tweeking!
        The only potential issue with your honor loss is the extra 36. That may not even be an issue though.


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          I got solution for you. Lvl up. 50-59 is place for elite warriors and crusaders. And i love killing these elite/knight crusaders yummy 200 honor. Just need lvl 1 dryad.