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Experience per level for red astrals.

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  • Experience per level for red astrals.

    Is this information available anywhere? How much astral experience will it take for a certain level of red astral?

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    Probably lvl 6 orange = lvl 5 red.


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      most unlikely with their points and stats ratio, more like level 6 orange = level 4 red + level 4 orange
      Temple of Ibalize


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        based on a picture i've seen...4 lv 10 oranges and 4 lv 10 red...952800 astral score...4 lv 10 oranges is 366220...if my calcs are correct ofc

        leaves 586580 astral score for 4 lv 10 reds, or 5865800 xp, or 1466450 xp per astral

        now...this picture might not be correct, they might have spent more astral xp than needed etc...but it might give some idea on the golds needed to cap em all astrals they will be cheaper in the early levels though ofc