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    "with players of level 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and level 70-80 fighting separately"

    certainly a lot has changed since the previous battleground, for example lvl 65 vs 41, but not fully...

    new BG for example 50-59, at 55 you already have better things, set 55, what a player will do with the level 52 player of level 56 ?

    BG to be even more varied, preferably every 5 levels

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    Please no. The battlegrounds has been broken down enough. It has gotten to the point where it is hard to gain honor cause 1 or 2 stacks of dryads is enough to kill people, and you lose like 400, when you win you get like 50, and even then players take off a good chunk of your health and it takes a few fights to earn enough to restore health from points. This is from personal experience in the 60s bracket. Just suck it up till you get the new pvp gear in your bracket which doesn't take that long.

    It's a little tricky right now in my bracket fighting servers months older than mine and if it was up to me I would put the servers in brackets as well so as i'm on s61 I wouldn't be fighting s9 but it is how it goes and you can't please everyone. This is a huge improvement from what it was even if I went from getting a lot of honor a day to barely scraping any in bg. It's too early to be asking for them to improve it once again.

    50-55 does not take too long to get to and it is even quicker in the lower brackets.
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      already been predicted....


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        This should be fun, as two people on the BG (Knight Crusader) have all won the fight? won 37 and won 31... where others (Private, Champion, Warrior) nothing they will not do,

        some seated themselves at low levels and gain honor points and pvp at low levels, some are not fair...


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          Nah. This is good enough.
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            nope thats not right too -.- lets say a guy with lvl 51 with 50 legends -.- he should be able to kill 55 set


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              Originally posted by Zanarkands View Post
              nope thats not right too -.- lets say a guy with lvl 51 with 50 legends -.- he should be able to kill 55 set
              I dont think so.... well it depends on their classes too but if the same class then nope


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                A future consideration is the brackets will overlap to assist with excessive camping (admittedly though, not by much).

                What I don't understand is - some of these players that have been around - knew of the upcoming BG changes and couldn't predict this actually transpiring.