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Time constrained no 50 legendary gear :)

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  • Time constrained no 50 legendary gear :)

    K guys i'm wanting to know if I can get 50 legendary by July I have that date exclusively because I leave for army then and I can't play anymore for a while so is it possible or not thanks

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    lol... basic training or they sending you off to blow things up ?
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      5 stones/day from guild shop.
      ~8 stones/attempt in nightmare (optimistic estimation). Or 24 stones/day.

      You can realistically get 29 stones/day.

      So yes, it is possible to get legendary set by July.
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        Basic Training @Kit, and K thanks for the math portion Condor. I will be playing when I get out of basic etc.. I just want a goal to work for and it seems possible


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          ... I did couple of years, L3Fty doing SFA in new zealand..... always got time to help a brother at arms