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In which event is knight op?

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  • In which event is knight op?

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering in what event knights are op. So I can focus on that event.
    Everyone knows that WB event is for archers (gets alot of gold and daru)
    Battlegrounds is more for mages -also archers in some cases-(gets alot of honor and pvp-points)

    Becuz of the slow/low attacks -wich leads to slow victory-, knights cant be really op whitout cash.
    And dont mention knights are needed in MP, cuz archers and mages are also needed.

    Alot of knights in our server stopped becuz of it and they started a new account (as mage or archer ofcourse) on new servers.
    I feel kinda left out.

    Thats why I ask help so I wont quite either.
    (And I prefer ppl who has knight-account to respond)

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    Knights are great for countering archers in PvP and as far as the events go, theres nothing sorry


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      I think Knights are amazing in guild battles but not sure if they actually greater than mages there now since clothes make the mages aoe just dumb.
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        knights are good for cannon fodders for mages in bg, mages almost always click knights.
        Coming from a knight.
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          Knights are good when you can't find a mage or an archer.


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            There are no events where knights shine above other classes, no. Maybe Spire, when it gets released? The problem is that events are dps-based, which is not our strongest point... also, dungeons at the later levels don't even require knights, as they're largely reliant on debuffs and healing, rather than protection. We're best suited to ruining archers' days in battleground; that's pretty much it.

            As for guild battle, we can live for long enough to hold off a small group, or keep one strong player occupied while a different team takes a tower, which is useful in and of itself, but we don't have the aoe might to wipe out a team of small fry quickly, which leaves us open to the exact same tactic if they catch us alone.


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              I read about the spire and am kinda curious now, im hoping the rewards will be good...

              (Spire is a feature coming in a later part of 1.5 either Part II or Part III. It is a survival mode boss fight. Where once you kill one boss you immediately fight another with no time in between. You get a Spire chest after you complete it or die)


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                Now i read spire gives fashion cores, which is kinda depressing -_-


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                  Originally posted by R2_D2droid View Post
                  Knights are good when you can't find a mage or an archer.
                  I actually choked (laughing) when I saw this.


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                    knights are top models,the most sexy characters;


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                      In BG knights are good, just attack archers and you should get some easy kills. If you have pve set I think you can do very good against archers, especially if your seal is good too


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                        Assuming mostly equal battle rating and cash shop spending, etc etc...

                        Knights are good for one-on-one fights (Battlegrounds and solo arena), especially vs archers (but a well-built knight will generally beat an equally well-built mage in a one-on-one fight in my experience. A well-built archer has no prayer against an equally well-built knight, though).

                        Knights are good for Guild Battle (Mainly because you can't set formations in guild battle, which leads to soft spongy mages in the front row...)

                        ONE knight is good for MP arena (assuming all are equally well-built, one knight + two mages beats three mages in my experience. Again, mages on the front row are soft and spongy and prone to intercept)

                        ONE knight is good for upper end MP dungeons (although if you get OP enough, you don't need that one knight)

                        Knights are (relatively) terrible in:

                        Necropolis (but not as terrible as mages there!)

                        World Boss (the worst!)

                        Divine Altar (same as world boss)

                        Any time you have more than one knight in a multiplayer situation

                        Who's best in catacombs doesn't really matter because eventually any class can just blitz to lv100 and then AFK mode the last boss anyways. ...that said, off the top of my head. That said, archers definately do best there (Deep Freeze for the win) and I think mages do better than knights due to their heal ability, but I'm not sure and again, it honestly stops mattering at higher levels because cata becomes so easy.


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                          My experience is opposite. As an archer, I prefer to fight knights, even if they have a little bit more br than me.


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                            Then you're fighting absolutely horribly built knights.

                            Knights have a +20% phys defense passive and extra bonus physical defense on their armour that archers don't have. If your archer is beating equal BR knights, something is WRONG with them.

                            ...or you're under level 50 or so. Knights are terrible before level 50. For some reason their skills get huge damage boosts when maxed compared to when 4/5.

                            Alternatively maybe you're using a physical defense astral and they aren't.

                            On my server (and from what I've observed in cross server BG), pretty much all the top archers have learned to avoid the top knights like the plague. THere's just nothing they can really do to overcome that ridiculous physical defense bonus that top knights get. (mages of course don't need to worry about such things). I imagine the devs gave archers armour-piercer to compensate, but in actual practice that skill costs so much rage and you need to kill the troops first (because it hits the backrow and the knight tends to be in the front) that the archer is generally dead before stacking it any significant amount.
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                              My troops give me a nice buffer. I am able to clear out their troops before mine are dead, which gives me several extra rounds of damage.

                              But then again, maybe all knights around my br on my server are bad? Seems unlikely since it's easy to make a decently built knight (and they do have the br to match).