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Multi-user dungeon suggestions

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  • Multi-user dungeon suggestions

    Two suggestions (I'm sure they are old suggestions but hey repetition is good for the soul):

    First, allow the multi-player dungeon attempts to be toggled so you can help someone else in a dungeon without using up one of your attempts. I have no idea how hard it would be to program this kind of toggle, but I would guess "not very"?

    Second, allow people to do more than the 3 dungeons by expending some resource akin to Stamina (or even Stamina itself). Don't make it unlimited, do make it possible to do more than three by some kind of strategic resource management, and for the love of Astros if you do add a new feature such as this (or any new feature), don't make it only for the balen buyers - that kills my interest fast.

    Thanks for reading
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    1) suggested about 14 times before.

    2) good idea. First time I've read it.
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      Excellent idea - suggested often, but needs to continue to be suggested until something is sorted out on mp's. Many want to help levels lower than their own, but are punished for it w/xp loss, w/no option to recoup the loss.

      How about, on mp dungeons where you earn no xp, it doesn't count against your 3 available runs.