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Yet again, stiffed by an event before it even starts.

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    Originally posted by Oxykotton View Post
    Name 3 of those top games that are completley free. I am sure I can tell you that you are wrong. 99% of free to play mmos are pay to win. The only one's i can really think of that arn't are LoL and Path of Exile. Yet those are totally different genres than Wartune. So you can't really compare them to this game. Besides those two games. What other games are top rated and complete free to play.
    There's always kick the can. It's where u go outside and kick an empty coke can down the street. Maybe that's a game that R2 D2droid should take up in his free time?


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      Lol people are worried about cashers getting more BR and more initial rage, but how come nobody notices the major problem with guild system?

      What i experienced was cashers including my own guild master calling me a cheap noob because i don't pay, even though i'm rank 1 as free to play player... Eventually i got kicked and then kicked from rank 2 guild. I had nowhere to go except a noob casher guild that actually were glad to recruit me.

      I was thinking of moving to another server and making a guild myself... But wait, is there ANY chance of competing if you can't make a guild fast enough because of not having the instant 200k gold from Mega Cheat pack? You just lose a lot of recruitment potential and not going to be able to compete with casher guild masters no matter what.

      Honestly, i should quit this game because its pay-to-win system allows cashers to win against free players TOO MUCH. Too bad it's not that easy with addiction because this game actually requires some skill to be decent... But still abused by cashers unfortunately.

      P.S. An army of experienced free players could beat several light-medium cashers with 1 heavy casher in Guild Battle.
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        What's this thread about??