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Confused on crit...mages.!:O

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    "Dear (insert random name here),
    You have brought up a very good suggestion here. As far as we know, there is no crit heal. However, this suggestion will be forwarded to the dev team for any possibility of future implementation. We sincerely appreciate your suggestion."

    this cant be true ^^

    well, guess i will spend my time in apollos night to duell a friend till i finaly have a single crit. if so, i will ss it -.-


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      So menny comments here i doubt someoen will read mine.
      Before the patch critical worked 100%, after the patch idk because now i have will destroyer
      BUT, keep in mind people that when you CRITICAL HEAL, the word "critical"does not appear like when you do a critical hit, only the ammount you heal shows up just a tiny bit in bigger fonts then usualy, thats why some of you might have not noticed the crit heals.


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        Maybe it's just some problems regarding crit is going on since the whole of patch 1.5 isn't implemented yet. I've tried with my mage in original version, heal can still crit fine.
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