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  • Merger Server

    Server 51 + 53 are already Marge

    we need a new marge now with a new tow server after Patch many players leave the game , and very little players still play in Gb we play like 10 players and best team are 30 or 25 , need a new adventurer please merger us
    "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die" :confused::mad:

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    yes it's suxs server 51 + 53 and alots of players left the games please Merges with any server
    and please delete old accounts we have alot of players farm accounts, they left the game and give accounts to another players evry one have 4+ account so them have alots of gold, i plundered account got +300K gold, so 300K × 5 attempt = 1500K gold per day
    we have now just 49 players active


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      after the join, each server first of our new game play found it increasingly difficult